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Where do you live and how far will you travel?

I currently reside in Issaquah, Washington but I love traveling! I will travel as far as you wish but please keep in mind that all travel beyond 20 miles from my location will be charged according to the IRS current mileage guidelines.  


For locations requiring travel by plane, you will responsible for my travel fees as well as my overnight accommodation.  You are not responsible for the actual arranging of travel or accommodation, I’ll take care of that!  


Here’s the fun part - I love traveling and I have quite the bucket list.  If your location is on the following list, I will include a $2000 print credit with your session! 



-New Orleans

-Dominican Republic




Do you have any references?

Of course!  Please check out my Testimonials page!


What is included in the session fee?

Your session fee includes a pre-session consultation, full hair and makeup styling for one (1) person, 1+hr session, and an in person reveal session where we’ll pick your favorite images.  Please note that the session fee does not include any physical products or digital files.  Orders for both of these things may be placed at the in-person reveal session.  My current session fee is $700 and includes a $600 print credit. 


Is there an order minimum?

There is no order minimum but most clients invest between $1.5-3k


Do you deliver RAW files?

I do not deliver RAW files under any circumstances.  


How long do I have to wait to see the images?

The Reveal is generally scheduled 7-9 days following The Session


How should I dress for my portrait session?

This is something that we’ll discuss in great detail at your Pre-Session Consultation!  


I hate being photographed, will you help pose me?

I value authenticity and strive to produce imagery that evokes honest emotion.  I'll give you loose direction and we'll refine it into something perfect for you! 


Will I own the copyright to the images?

I will retain the copyright to the images meaning you will not be able to sell the images for profit.  If you have licensing concerns, please contact me and I would be more than happy to discuss them with you! 


Do you have insurance?

Of course!  I carry general liability insurance as well as insurance for my equipment.  Please let me know if your venue needs proof of insurance, I’m more than happy to provide!


Do you offer any discounts or referral incentives?

I do not offer discounts but I do offer referral incentives.  Please ask about my most current incentives!


How would you describe your photographic style?

I love rich colors, sharp images, and healthy amount of contrast. 


Do you provide video services?

Not at this time.  Stay tuned!


What do you mean by “retouch”?

Retouching is how we take a good image to a great image. At my discretion, I will remove non-permanent marks and blemishes as well as stray hairs and/or other distracting elements.  If you have any specific retouching concerns (scars, etc), please let me know before the session and I will do my best to accommodate!  Any additional requested retouching may incur an additional charge.


What if I lose my images?

I will keep your images backed up for 3 years time.  Beyond that time I am no longer responsible for retaining your images.  Archival files may be purchased for extra storage insurance at your reveal session. 


What is your background and how did you learn to apply makeup?

I’ve loved makeup and it’s transformative powers for as long as I can remember.  I’ve been involved in dance and other performing arts from a young age so I gained quite a bit of makeup experience through that.  In high school I became involved in the makeup department for a small local haunted house and later moved on to managing the makeup for the Georgetown Morgue haunted attraction in Seattle, WA.  I later attended makeup school in Vancouver, BC at New Image College of Fine Arts where I finally learned how to properly design, fabricate, and apply prosthetic pieces.  After school I moved to Los Angeles for four years to work on several films and immerse myself in the industry.  I have had so many amazing opportunities and feel so fortunate to have learned from so many amazing artists!  To view my IMDB page, please click here.


What are your sanitation practices?

I take my sanitation practices very seriously and am extremely careful to avoid all cross contamination.  All cream products are removed from their containers with a sanitized, metal spatula and then placed onto a sanitized, metal palette. I use disposable mascara and lip wands and all brushes are cleaned with soap and water, 99% alcohol, or brush cleanser and then sanitized with 70% alcohol between clients.  In regards to COVID, I am fully vaccinated and wear a mask at all times during makeup/hair styling services.  


I’m allergic to latex, can you still do my makeup?

Of course!  I have plenty of latex-free alternatives. Please let me know before we begin and I’ll be sure to avoid all products containing latex.


I’m allergic to certain products and/or have VERY sensitive skin, can you still work with me?

Absolutely.  I have a wide range of products available for even the most sensitive skin!  Please let me know if you have any specific concerns before your makeup application.

How should I arrive for my makeup session?

If possible, arrive with a clean face.  If that isn’t possible, I can do it for you when you arrive!


Can you do special FX?

Definitely!  I’m comfortable with the design, fabrication, and application of prosthetics, dentures/fangs, blood rigging, and traditional out of kit FX.


Is a trial session included for my bridal makeup?

Yes, it’s included and highly recommended!  We’ll find the best look for you and iron out all the details to ensure a stress-free wedding day!


How long does it take you to complete a face?

In an ideal world, I’d love an hour to finish a standard beauty makeup.  Depending on the look however, it can be done in as little as 20 minutes! 


Do you use airbrush makeup?

I LOVE airbrushing and have it available upon request!


How long will my makeup last?

I apply most makeups to last for 8-10hrs. Please let me know prior to your session how long you’d like your makeup to last or if you have any special needs (waterproof, etc). 


Do you have experience with darker skin tones?

Yes.  I create custom foundation blends for all of my clients to ensure the perfect match. 


Do you have experience with rosacea or acne?

Absolutely.  Rosacea and acne prone skin need special care and certain products must be avoided.  I’m well versed in both skin conditions and am very comfortable in covering both!  Please let me know prior to our session if you have any specific skin concerns.


Can I show you photos of what I want?

Of course!  Please understand that any inspiration photos will serve as just that and will not be copied exactly.


I’m not sure what I want my makeup to look like, can you help?

That’s what I’m here for!  We can discuss your specific needs and we’ll find the perfect look for you!


I don’t like to wear a lot of makeup, do I still need a makeup artist?

A good professional makeup artist will always help you look your best! 

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