Tips for Lips that Last

Who doesn’t love wearing lipstick? The bold look of a deep red oozes confidence and subtle pinks are perfectly flirty, but constant touchups can be a total pain. If you’ve been avoiding lip color because you can’t stand the maintenance, try a few of the following techniques and see how you fare!

Preparing the Lips

In order to have a flawless application, you must always start with a smooth canvas. Make sure you're staying hydrated to avoid dry lips, and protect your lips from any harsh weather with a chapstick containing sunscreen. Sugar scrubs are another way to smooth flaky lips - make a basic recipe by combining sugar and olive oil. Before applying any color to your lips, be sure to wipe off any excess chapstick.

Traditional Lipsticks

Waxed based, creamy, and full of pigment, traditional lipsticks are fantastic but can fade quickly. Start with a fully prepped lip, line the lips with a waterproof liner such as Make Up For Ever's Aqua Lip, and blend the color towards the center of the lips to avoid any harsh lines. Try to find a lipstick that specializes in a long wear time if possible, like MAC Pro Long Wear Lip Creme. Apply to the lip using a lip brush for the ultimate precision. Then take a tissue and give it a big smooch to remove excess color. Apply the lipstick a second time and repeat the blotting process. For extra staying power, place a single ply tissue over the lips and dust translucent powder over the lips using a fluffy brush. If feathering tends to be an issue for you, try using a clear wax pencil to line the outside of the lips. It provides a nice barrier to prevent the color from leaking.

Liquid Lipsticks

For more durable lip color, try a long wear liquid lipstick. They can be trickier to put on but can easily last 6+hrs with no touchups - kiss proof, drink proof, you name it. To apply these kinds of products, start with a fully prepped lip and apply a thin layer of color using a lip brush. The thicker you apply, the more prone to cracking the color will be. If you don’t get enough opacity in the first swipe, wait for the color to dry and apply another thin layer (Avoid smacking your lips while it dries!!). Most of these lip products come with a clear coat to put over the top of the color. This helps to prevent cracking and makes the product a whole lot more comfortable to wear. You’ll notice it feels much different than a traditional lipstick because it doesn’t contain any waxy substances. If you want to avoid the glossy look, you can always use the tissue trick above to set it with some translucent finishing powder or HD powder.

Lip Stains

Now if you’re like me and you love color, little maintenance, and a light feeling product, maybe a lip stain is for you! Stains are great because they stay put, look natural, and fade beautifully. As always, start with a fully prepped lip and apply a thin layer of stain using a lip brush. With a stain, it’s best to work in thin layers for a buildup of strong color, waiting for each layer to dry in between. You can leave it at that, or top it with a balm or gloss for a little more pop!


Bright lips are the bees knees until it’s 2AM and you need to get them OFF. Start by using a tissue or damp washcloth to wipe as much color as you can off towards the center of your mouth - smearing red lipstick on the rest of your face won't help your case. Next, apply a remover over your lips, gently rub it in, and let it sit for a few minutes. I prefer to use coconut oil (or vaseline in a pinch) but there are plenty of store bought makeup removers available, just make sure you get one that’s oil based to effectively break down the product. After letting it sit, use a tissue or washcloth to gently remove the product by using the same technique as before. The color should effortlessly come off using this technique and it only takes a few minutes. Take care of the skin under all that beautiful makeup!!


Favorite Products

Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip (Pencil)

Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge (Liquid Long-wear)

OCC Lip Tar

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil

MAC Huggable Lipcolour

Benetint (Stain)

Make Up For Ever Sens Eyes (Best remover EVER)

MAC Lip Brush

Urban Decay Lip Pencils

(Try using Ozone around the lips to prevent feathering)

Thanks for reading! <3

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