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New Years in the Mojave Desert

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

This session was extra super special because I got to capture my beautiful family. My parents, my grandparents (anyone else have an Oma and Opa?), my tiny cousin, and my gigantic puppy all trekked out to the middle of Red Rock Canyon outside of Ridgecrest, CA to take some family photos. The vertical cliffs were just as breathtaking as the perfectly muted tones found only in the desert expanse. The end of sunrise gave us some amazing light to play with and the magic was felt in some really cute moments between my gorgeous parents. My grandparents showed off their love next and I won't lie, the surprise kisses were way too cute to handle. The whole group was after that and I must say, setting up a timer and running frantically into the frame for a photo is my new favorite game. We wrapped up the session after some silly photos of my family's HUGE Newfoundland puppy, Bear and my cute little cousin Maddy (yeah, PUPPY. One year old and growing still). My super cool mom was even kind enough to snap a photo of my love and I. Hope you enjoy this series as much as I enjoyed capturing it - here's to love and family!! <3

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