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Men's Fashion with Austin - Pt.I

First of all, let me say that I am SO happy to be in Seattle again. The freezing rain, cloudy skies, and pine trees just can't be found back home in Los Angeles and boy, do I miss those things! I flew up here to photograph an event for my childhood dance studio but I always like to schedule a shoot or two for fun when I travel. So I messaged my friend Austin and we set up a session! We went to high school together and since then he's started an awesome men's fashion blog and has successfully been pursuing a modeling career.

We met in Pioneer Square, Seattle and quickly had to grab a coffee because it was so cold! It was probably only around 30F, but with the wind chill it definitely felt like Antarctica. We both loved the ivy covered buildings so we started there, but we quickly moved to a nearby alley because the rows of string lights were to die for. There was a small bike repair shop in the middle of the alley so it had plenty of character with that alone, but there were eclectic apartments above, string lights, and hanging potted plants everywhere - I love Pioneer Square. We didn't last terribly long after that and had to go defrost in a nearby bar. The bar pictures will be included in part two of this post - stay tuned for that next Sunday and make sure to check out Austin's blog! Pass it along to anyone else who you think might enjoy it and make sure to subscribe!

Check out for more of Austin!

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