5 Ways to Winterize Your Beauty Routine

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, and it’s wreaking havoc on our hair and skin. Here are five simple tips to tweak your beauty routine and sail through your winter beauty woes:

1. Add a little moisture!

The most common winter beauty problem is dryness. Our skin and hair always suffer from colder temperatures so we have to keep them extra moisturized. Use a deep conditioner with every wash and and a heavier mask on your strands once a week. Switching to an oil based facial moisturizer can also be helpful if your skin gets particularly dry. Moisturizing head to toe with a body cream after you shower should be a habit (the body creams from Bliss are my favorite, and they frequently have them at Marshall's and Nordstrom Rack for half the price!), and be sure to stay hydrated! (Caffeinated beverages and alcohol don’t count!)


2. Say goodbye to dull skin!

Nothing kills a beautiful makeup faster than flaky, dull skin. No matter how you apply it, makeup won’t look good on top of that. Combat flakiness by exfoliating once per week and using a healing moisturizer after cleansing like Lait Creme Concentrate from Embryolisse.

Image from http://www.target.com/p/embryolisse-lait-cr-me-concentre-2-6-oz/-/A-50269754

3. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean the sun can’t burn you - be careful! Sun damage can cause cancer and lead to unsightly wrinkles and sunspots (that’s enough reason for me). Protect your skin by using SPF25 or higher sunscreen daily! Coola makes my favorite sunscreens, try this unscented spray packed with anti-aging ingredients!