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5 EASY Ways to Shake Up Your Makeup Routine

Have you ever been stuck in a makeup rut? It’s easy to get lost in the monotony of a daily routine and forget that makeup is still an ART! Both the beauty in and the fun of makeup come from experimenting, so take some risks! I've put together five super easy tips to help you break from your boring routine - Give them a try!

1. Switch your lip color!

If you normally stick to neutrals, try a pop of pink or coral! If you regularly wear bright lips, try a nude lip! With electric brights, neutral tones, and sultry dark shades, you’ll never run out of new looks!

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2. Mix up your eyeliner color!

This is such an easy way to mix up your look! If you always stick to black and brown liners, try a colored liner to make your eyes pop! Blues, deep greens, and deep amethyst shades work wonderfully but I’m always a sucker for metallics like gold, silver, and copper! For the metallics, try smudging a line of black shadow before applying the liner to add some depth to the effect!

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3. Experiment with new shapes while you’re at it!

Is your eyeliner always the same shape? Try adding a wing (or removing it!) and play with the thickness of your line! Try smudging a pencil along your lashline for a smoky look or use liquid liner for a clean, graphic look. It’s amazing what a difference these small changes can make for your makeup!

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4. Do you even blush?

If you always focus on your eyes and lips, downplay those features a little bit and let your blushing cheeks take the spotlight! If you normally stick to safe, neutral shades, try a punchy coral or a deep rosy flush to fake an energetic, youthful glow! You can also play with the placement of your blush. If you always concentrate it on the apples of your cheeks, try blending your color up your cheek bones and into your temples!

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5. Colored mascara is pretty rad!

Colored mascara isn’t just for punk rock teens and you really don’t need to go too crazy to get an awesome effect! Deep blues, greens, and plum tones can produce subtle but eye catching results. If that sounds too colorful for you, you can always try a deep brown instead of your regular black for a more natural look. You can also try layering your colored mascara on just the tips of your lashes over your normal black mascara!

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What's your favorite way to experiment with your makeup? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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