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This Color Changing Hair Dye Will Change Everything

If you're like me and you've seen Scott Pilgrim vs. The World or maybe The Craft, you've definitely wished for hair color that could be changed with as little effort as a swipe of the hand. Thanks to self proclaimed witch Lauren Bowker and her London based company The Unseen, we're one step closer to that becoming a reality! Sound too good to be true? Watch the videos, they speak for themselves.

GIF from The Unseen

Check out the other videos HERE.

Okay so now that your mind is completely blown, let's talk about how it works. The dye comes from a technology produced by The Unseen called Fire and is activated by changes in temperature. When the pigment is exposed to a temperature change, the chemical bonds are altered to produce a different color. Some of the pigments are designed to actually change in structure to produce a light refraction which is seen as a different color. As you can see in the videos, the changes are stunningly drastic! There are currently 7 color changing combos available including blue/black to fiery red and platinum blonde to blue with more in the works!

The dye is semipermanent and washes out in just a few washes but the company has plans to develop a more permanent version of the dye. It is currently unavailable but The Unseen is searching for development partners to expedite the process of making the dye commercially available (to professionals at least). The dye is already undergoing all of the necessary toxicology and safety tests so it can be used in salons!

Image: The Unseen Alchemist / Instagram

The company also produces other technology that responds to factors such as pressure, pollution, wind, and temperature. From Swarovski crystals that change color with changes in brainwaves, jackets that change color to show pollution levels, to fashionable purses and phone cases that change their colors, it's clear this company has huge potential to wildly impact the fashion and beauty worlds. Driven by a desire to make scientific data more accessible to and easily understood by the masses, The Unseen wants to create products that help people connect more intimately with their environments. Check out some of their other cool products HERE!

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