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What Are Micellar Waters and How Should You Use Them?

Another week, another beauty blog post! This week we’ll be talking about Micellar Waters (aka Cleansing Waters). They’ve been increasing in popularity over the last five years or so but do you know how they actually work and when they should be used? Read below to find out what makes this cult product so special:

What are they?

Micellar Waters are cleansing liquids which are strong enough to remove some of your most stubborn makeup yet mild enough to be left on the skin.

How do they work?

Micellar Water is very much what it sounds like, a suspension of micelles in water. We talked a little bit about surfactants in last week’s post and micelles are just little clusters of surfactants with the hydrophilic heads facing outwards. Surfactants have a head that’s attracted to water (hydrophilic), and a tail that attracts dirt and oil (hydrophobic). As the product is used, the micelles (clusters) separate and the water loving heads of the micelles move with the water. The heads of course are followed by the tails which have picked up dirt and oils along the way, effectively removing them from the skin being cleansed. Micellar Water is essentially mild, soapy water.

How long have they been around?

The first micellar water was manufactured by Bioderma in Paris, France in 1995. The available tap water was notoriously harsh so the gentle cleansing alternative quickly grew in popularity. Micellar waters are now a staple for many makeup artists and beauty junkies all around the world.

When should you use them?

Micellar Waters are gentle, cleansing, and won’t over-dry your skin. They’re wonderful for cleansing your skin in the morning, removing makeup, cleansing your skin on the go or after the gym, using as a second step after your normal cleanser, or in the place of makeup wipes. Use them whenever your skin needs a refresher!

Who should use them?

The really awesome thing about Micellar Waters is that everyone can use them. They’re not over-drying and can be used on even the most sensitive skin. There are even versions available to target concerns such as acne, but the general formulas are really well suited for all skin types!

Can I replace washing my face with Micellar Waters?

Many beauty editors and enthusiasts alike are ditching their normal facial cleansers and replacing their cleansing routine with a Micellar Water. According to dermatologists, hard water can be particularly harsh on the skin so avoiding tap water can be very beneficial for some people. Others are taking part in the “dual-cleansing” fad, using a combination of a micellar water and a traditional cleanser in conjunction to first remove makeup and then deep cleanse the skin. As always, skin care is a very personal thing but speaking for myself, I’ll probably give the replacement method a try - Stay posted, kids. ;)

Here are a few of my favorite Micellar Waters:

-Bioderma Sensibio H2O

-NYX Stripped Off Micellar Water

-Avene Micellar Lotion Cleanser

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