10 Tools Every Beauty Lover Should Own

There are some beauty tools you just can't live without. Here are my top ten!

Slanted Tweezers

These are a complete necessity for plucking out those pesky hairs, removing dry flakes of skin, and applying false eyelashes. Make sure to clean, sanitize, and sharpen them regularly!

Pointed Tweezers

These can remove even the tiniest little hairs - ingrown hairs be gone!

Facial Scissors

Everybody needs a pair of super sharp, small scissors. They're great for trimming brows

Beauty Blender

The original egg shaped blender makes perfect foundation a snap with an easy bouncing motion. If you haven't heard of these already, check out my post on them here!

Brush Cleaning Pad/Mat

These silicone mats are awesome for cleaning your brushes and can be found in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors!

Eyelash Curler

Lashes feeling a little limp? Give them a push up with a lash curler! Try Shu Uemura's famous lash curler, it's said to have the perfect curve for the eyes!

Pencil Sharpener

There's no quicker way to waste a nice cosmetic pencil than with a dull sharpener. Make sure you replace them often to keep your pencils looking sharp! (Pun definitely intended).


This cleansing brush feels like a daily spa treatment. It effectively removes makeup, exfoliates, and promotes circulation. It's definitely an investment, but it's so worthwhile if you can stick to the routine!

Metal Palette

This is an essential for every makeup lover. Having a clean surface to work on is an absolute necessity when working with creams and loose powders.

Metal Spatula

If you like to custom blend your cream colors, a metal spatula is great for scooping out and mixing products.

What's the one cosmetic tool you can't live without?

Thanks for Reading!

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