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Get Some Real Beauty Sleep

Most of us will spend around one third of our lives sleeping, though for some of us it feels like a lot less. Either way, we should be taking full advantage of the time we spend dreaming. Check out the tips below to get the most out of your beauty sleep!

Wake Up to Baby Feet

Scaly, dry, feet? Cover your feet in a heavy, repairing, lotion and sleep with a pair of socks on (I'm not saying they HAVE to be fuzzy socks, but why not treat yourself?) You'll wake up with noticeably smoother feet!

Try L'Occitane's Pure Shea Butter

Lotion Is Your Friend

Want to wake up with noticeably smoother skin? Apply a generous layer of moisturizer over your body before going to bed.

Try Bliss' Body Creams

Pearly Whites Are Always In

Brighten your smile while you sleep! There are plenty of whitening strips on the market that are perfect for use before bed. If you want to go a more natural route, try brushing with baking soda after brushing with toothpaste. Don't eat or drink for at least 30 mins after this (perfect for before bed!) and don't use the baking soda method more than once per week to avoid damaging your teeth.

Try a SmileActives Pen

Sleep In Your Facial Mask

Sleep masks are wonderful. Apply them according to the directions before you hit the hay and then rinse them off in the morning for perfect, glowing skin!

Try the Green Piggy Collagen Mask from Elizavecca

*Not technically meant for sleeping in but I do and I love it!!

Eye Gels Make You Look Awake

These are easily my favorite discovery that I’ve made this year. Depending on the brand, they can help treat puffiness, under-eye darkness, and fine lines. Treat your eyes for a few minutes before bed, or wear them to sleep and play “find the eye gels” when you wake up!

If you're sick of me mentioning these Night Repair Eye Gels from Patchology, you should probably just try them so you understand the hype ;)

Mask Your Hair For Smooth Strands

Dry, brittle hair? Coat damp hair with a hair mask and comb through to evenly distribute the product. Wrap it in a small towel or gently pin it in a top knot before going to bed and then rinse it out in the morning!

Try this Deep Treatment Masque from SheaMoisture

Protect Your Lips

Sleeping with lip balm is semi life changing and if you don’t usually do it, I recommend you give it a try. I mean, who doesn’t like waking up with soft, luscious lips?? Bonus points if you do a nice lip scrub before you apply your balm!

You can't go wrong with the classic Burt's Bees Lip Balm

You're Only As Clean As Your Pillow Case

Keeping your pillow case clean is imperative to keeping your face clean! Dirt, oil, and dead skin cells can accumulate on your pillow case along with bacteria. Wash your pillow case regularly to avoid rubbing your face in grime all night!

Cuticle Oil, Just Use It

Your fingernails say a lot about you, so don’t let them say “I’m literally drier than the Sahara”. Apply a cuticle oil before going to bed each night, massaging it into the base of each fingernail. This will help maintain the integrity of your nail beds and prevent dry, cracked cuticles.

I'm honestly obsessed with NCLA's Cuticle Oils, they smell so good!

You Have To Actually Sleep...Obviously.

In order to take advantage of all the benefits beauty sleep has to offer, you have to actually make time to sleep! Most people need between 8-10 hours per night so turn in early and get pretty!

Thanks for Reading!

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