Melissa Farrar on a Cloudy Day.

This session was an absolute blast. First of all Melissa and I go wayyy back. I became one of her dance students when I was around fourteen and she still hasn't been able to get rid of me ;) The cloudy weather reminded us both of our beloved Seattle and kept us cool during our mini hike. I learned that Melissa is genuinely terrified of snakes (don't worry, we didn't see any) but equally willing to walk through broken glass with bare feet - she's kind of a beast. Now here's the fun part, when we were finished we hiked back up to the entrance that we came through, and the gate was shut. Not just shut - locked with a giant padlock. With three layers of chain link and razor wire covering the top of the fence, things were not looking good. After a little searching we were able to find a small section of fence with no razor wire at the top and somehow managed to hoist ourselves (and my camera gear) over. Moral of the story, read the posted signage and set an alarm on your phone! ;)

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