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5 Best Photo Locations Near Seattle

Seattle – a city that effortlessly marries urban cool with the jaw-dropping beauty of the Pacific Northwest. If you're on a quest for photoshoot locations that scream iconic and Instagrammable, you've just hit the jackpot. From skyline silhouettes to waterfront wonders, I'm unveiling the five best spots in Seattle that are practically begging for a starring role in your next photoshoot.


1. Discovery Park

Discovery Park is huge and beautiful and the rolling fields of golden grass almost make you feel like you're not in Seattle anymore. This location offers a lot of diversity from paved roads to ocean views and towering evergreens to an absolutely stunning lighthouse. There can be quite a bit of walking required for this one so bring some comfy shoes and lots of water!

2. Olympic Sculpture Park

Right on the downtown waterfront of Seattle, this Sculpture Park has no shortage of excellent spots for photography. There are sandy beaches, rocky shores, easy access to downtown Seattle, and of course lots of incredible art installations!

3. Washington Arboretum

The Washington Arboretum is a nature-lover's paradise! Beautiful trails, sweeping views of Lake Washington, and a wide variety of plant life all make for a really interesting location. It's worth noting that formal photoshoots are not allowed in the Japanese Garden (a small but gorgeous portion of the park) but it's definitely worth visiting anyways!

4. Volunteer Park

This park in Capitol Hill is excellent for photography! There's a cool old water tower, views of downtown Seattle, extraordinary landscaping, and a conservatory that looks like it's straight out of a story book (please note that you do need a permit for professional photography inside of the conservatory!). This location is great year round but it's extra special in the fall!

5. Pioneer Square

You can't beat the quaint charm of Pioneer Square! This historical area is filled with beautiful brick buildings, tree-lined streets, ivy covered walls, and all the vintage vibes. This area can be really busy when there are sports games going on because of its proximity to the arenas so be sure to check the game schedules before planning your photoshoot!


There you have it – a curated guide to Seattle's photogenic wonders. From the heights of urban sophistication to the serenity of waterfront escapes, each of these locations is more than just a backdrop; they're a love letter to the city's unique blend of urban chic and natural beauty.

As you wrap up your photoshoot adventure, I'd love to hear from you! Which spot stole your heart? Did you uncover a hidden gem not mentioned here? Share your Seattle snaps and stories in the comments below; let's turn this blog post into a vibrant album of collective experiences.

And remember, the beauty of photography lies not just in the locations you capture but in the stories you tell through your images. Until next time, happy shooting!

***IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make sure to check for current permitting requirements for your locations before planning your professional photoshoots!

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