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10 Beauty Products That Never Leave My Kit

Updated: Apr 1

Over the years of working as a professional makeup artist, I've developed an arsenal of favorite products that I know will always help me get the job done. My clients are constantly asking me to write these products down for them so I figured I'd put everything in a handy list to share with anyone who's interested! None of these are sponsored or affiliate links, I just genuinely love the products!

Check out the list below for some my very favorite makeup kit essentials!


1) Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré

Skin prep is arguably the most important part of any great makeup so it shouldn't be any surprise that the first item on this list is an incredible moisturizer! It's the perfect texture, works well on all skin types, and does a phenomenal job keeping the skin moisturized even under multiple layers of makeup.

2) RCMA No Color Powder

This powder is definitely a staple for a lot of pro MUAs because of its versatility. It works well on all skin tones and never turns ashy on darker skin so it's a perfect general setting powder to have on hand. It also comes in both loose and pressed forms!

3) Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Water

Micellar water is another multitasker that I can't live without! Micellar water is basically a super mild soapy solution so it can be used to cleanse the skin, as a a makeup remover, a refresh for sweaty pits, and more. This particular micellar water from Bioderma is my favorite I've ever used - it has a great texture, very little scent, and never burns around the eyes.

4) Smith's Rosebud Salve

This stuff has been around for ages (since 1895, I think?) and is another favorite among pro MUAs. It's a petroleum based product (think Aquaphor or Vaseline) with a sublime texture and a pleasant rose smell. I use this product as a lip balm, for dry hands/cuticles, as a dewy highlighter, and more! It comes in a classic metal tin or in a convenient tube.

5) MUFE HD Foundation

Everybody has their go-to foundation and I just haven't ever found one that really compares to the HD Foundation from Make Up For Ever. This most recent formulation (2022, I believe) is my favorite yet. It's easy to work with, it's buildable (buildable light-medium coverage), and it comes in dozens of stunningly accurate shades.

6) Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer

I have yet to find an eyeshadow primer that lives up to this one. It holds up for hours on sweaty performers, crying brides, and everyone in between. The only drawback on this one is it's the one item in my kit that I've had a few people have reactions to. I would recommend a patch test on the inside of your wrist before using this one if you have sensitive skin.

7) Vueset Cases

These little guys save me SO much space! You can use them to depot your products to condense your kit or store things like bobby pins, q-tips, rhinestones, or whatever else you can dream of. These cases come in a variety of shapes and configurations to suit your needs.

8) Mario Badescu Rosewater Spray

Did you know that rosewater has anti-inflammatory properties? This spray feels super refreshing, helps tone down redness, and has a soothing rose scent. Did I mention it's also very reasonably priced?

9) Stila Convertible Color

This stuff is awesome. It blends beautifully, adding a sheer pop of color wherever it's placed. It can be used on lips, cheeks, and wherever else you want and comes in some really pretty and versatile shades.

10) Loreal Voluminous Mascara

When I want big, luscious lashes for my clients, I reach for my Loreal Voluminous mascara. The formula gives tons of volume and solid color and the best part is that it's relatively inexpensive. I keep my kit stocked with several different colors in both regular and waterproof versions.

Bonus Products

We can't forget about hair, can we?

11) Tigi After Party Smoothing Cream

When hair is looking a little dry, a little bit of this smoothing cream will usually fix the issue! It gives the hair some sheen, adds a little slip to the hair, smells great, and comes in an obnoxiously bright pink bottle - what's not to love?