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10 Ideas to Spice Up Your Photoshoot Wardrobe

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Can't decide how to dress for your upcoming photoshoot? Choosing the right wardrobe can make or break a session and finding just the right looks can take a ton of time and patience. If you want your outfits and your session to be as unique as you are, you can't be afraid to experiment! Check out the list below for some useful fashion inspo!


1) Monochromatic

Pick one color or shade and stick with it! You can match colors very specifically or you can experiment with lots of different shades in the same color family.

2) Flowy fabrics with movement

Movement makes everything more interesting! Try to find pieces that have flowy fabric with lots of movement. Remember that the lighter the fabric is, the longer it will float!

3) Accessories

Accessories are an easy way to change up your look without have to change your whole outfit. Think sunglasses, jewelry, scarves, gloves, hats, etc!

4) Shoes

Don't be afraid to wear shoes that you might not normally wear! Photoshoots are an opportunity to be a little louder/fancier/fashion forward than everyday life so take advantage of it!

5) Statement pieces

Pick out a statement piece and build an outfit around it! Think bright raincoats, furry vests, puffer jackets, unusual dresses, etc!

6) Patterns

Patterns can be distracting and can sometimes cause strange optical illusions in photos but

they can also be a lot of fun! The right pattern can serve as a bold statement and playful creative expression.

7) Think outside the box

It's okay to take some fashion risks! Think about trying things that you might not normally wear such as long gloves, super high heels, or using a bold color palette. Try searching the term "high fashion" on different platforms (Pinterest, IG, etc) for some fun inspiration!

8) Textures

Texture makes everything more interesting! Find something that's fuzzy, furry, shiny, sequined, glittery, leathery, etc and don't be afraid to mix and match!

9) Formal wear

Ballgowns, anyone? If you've always wanted an excuse to wear an insanely beautiful dress or a luxury suit - this is it!

10) Theme

What's your overall theme? When you have a photo session, your photographer is creating a visual story showcasing you! Keeping this in mind, it can be important to have a cohesive theme for all of the outfits you'll use. This could be a color palette, a feeling, a descriptive word, or something more specific like a 1960's theme.


Finding the right wardrobe can definitely be challenging but I hope this list helped you brainstorm a few ideas for your next photoshoot!

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