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Tracy Takahashi.

TFP (trade for print) shoots are my FAVORITE and for those of you not in the industry, TFP simply means that time and skills are donated in exchange for portfolio building images. They're always fun because all of the creative decisions are up to you and the team! This particular session stars the beautiful Tracy Takahashi, a professional dancer who's danced for the likes of Ariana Grande among others and was styled by the talented Ricky Marcelino Palomino, another talented dancer who's made previous appearances on my blog! I did the hair and makeup, as well as the photos and lighting design.

Ricky pulled some really amazing pieces from a local vintage store and after seeing how well this dress fit her, we unanimously decided that it had to be the first look. We wanted her to exude elegance so naturally the Louis Vuitton pumps were Ricky's first choice to pair with the gown. The dark lips and simple cat eye added to the mysterious vibe while the fishtail braid kept it all looking somehow effortless.

We're thrilled with how these images turned out and we'd love to hear what you think! Would you wear a look like this?

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