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Alex and the Superbloom

It takes an adventurous soul to wake up hours before the sun rises, just to catch the moment it spills over the mountains into a valley filled with wildflowers. Lucky for me, Alex has an adventurous soul and was more than willing to take an insanely early road trip with me to frolic in the flowers. We left Los Angeles just before 5am and made it to Walker Canyon in Lake Elsinore around 6:30am, just before sunrise. When we arrived, there were maybe six other cars there but by the time we left at around 9am, the crowds looked like those seen at Disneyland. Cars were parked down the road as far as you could see and people were coming in flocks to see nature's incredible display. The beauty was something that could never be truly captured in a photograph but I definitely gave it my best shot. Enjoy this series and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Thanks for Reading!

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