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Hannah, Class of 2021

You guys, I CAN’T believe that Hannah is going to be graduating this year! I’ve known her since she was 3 because we attended the same dance studio. She became one of my students not too long after that so taking her senior portraits was a really great full-circle moment. Hannah is one of my 2021 senior reps, so you’ll be seeing lots of her!

For our first session, we wanted to capitalize on the beauty of summer in the PNW so we decided on Snoqualmie. From giant tunnels to crystal clear alpine lakes, this location has it all. We are so lucky we live in Seattle, there are so many stunning locations nearby!

Hannah wanted curly hair and naturally flawless makeup. I kept her skin dewy and smooth, added a flush of color to her cheeks, and defined her eyes with individual lashes. Individual lashes definitely take longer but are absolutely worth the effort because they produce such natural results. We used setting spray from Skindinavia to make sure her look would last through our adventure and changed the lip color for each outfit. Her hair was slightly more challenging because it’s so long and heavy which made it difficult to hold a curl. To solve this, I put her in a faux roller set (using a curling iron and then clipping the curl in place like a hot roller) and let it set while we drove to Snoqualmie. When we arrived, we removed the rollers, doused her hair with hairspray and added some texture spray for a beachy vibe.

It was a small walk from the parking lot to our first location (the tunnel) and we couldn’t believe how enormous it was. The weather was bright and sunny but the tunnel felt ominous with cold air and loads of condensation pouring out. This provided for an epic atmosphere but the moisture definitely made it more difficult for Hannah’s curls to maintain their shape (hello, frizz!). For this reason, we didn’t spend a very long time at this location but I’m so happy with what we got while we were there!

Our next location was absolutely gorgeous. The water in the lake was crystal clear, there was barely anyone there, and the snow speckled mountains made me want to belt out every number from The Sound of Music (sorry, not sorry). To top it off, we caught the beautiful sunset golden hour and it was utterly breathtaking. Hannah modeled her last 3 looks at this location and I have to say, the outfit with the hat was my absolute favorite!

I can’t end this blog post without mentioning our amazing assistant and Hannah’s BFF, miss Dana. She is the best reflector holder I could ever ask for and gets the best smiles out of Hannah. Having an assistant that everyone is comfortable with is key for a successful session and Dana effortlessly filled those shoes!

I’d love to hear what you think of this session! Drop any comments or questions below and stay tuned for more summer senior sessions! Now booking Class of 2021 👩‍🎓🎉

Tech Specs:

This session was shot on a Canon 5dmkiii using a Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II and a Sigma Art 35mm f/1.4 lens. Reflectors were used frequently as fill. I color corrected in Adobe Lightroom and retouched in Adobe Photoshop. Want to know more? Leave a comment below!

***Note about masks/PPE: Dana and Hannah have both been in my (very) small personal quarantine circle since COVID began so we chose to not wear masks for the majority of this session while we were outdoors due to the lower risk of transmission. I wore a mask and face shield for Hannah’s initial makeup application/hairstyling and will be doing so for the entirety of all future sessions. Wear your mask, save lives!

Please enjoy our silly behind the scenes photos:

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