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Maya, Class of 2020

For her hair and makeup, Maya wanted a neutral glam look complete with winged eyeliner and strong brows. We kept the foundation sheer so as not to hide her incredible freckles and kept the focus on her gorgeous eyes. Maya wanted her hair soft and bouncy with lots of volume so we used a large barrel curling iron in 1” sections all around to achieve the look. I used my Makeup Light during styling as always for a well lit and color balanced work space.

I love when my seniors use locations to make their sessions special. Maya’s session was shot in the woods behind her house, where she used to play as a kid! There was a bench along the heavily wooded trail to commemorate her grandfather, a project that she undertook, and the was the sunlight was coming through the trees allowed us to capture some more artistic shots.

I was really happy with how Maya’s photos turned out so I was excited when they chose to order an heirloom album. We picked a vintage merlot colored leather because of its purple undertones (Maya’s favorite color) and Maya sent me a few of her favorite quotes to include with the design. She requested that I hide the quotes when I sent over the design for her parents to proof so that they would be surprised. I obliged and I was so touched when I delivered the album and found out that the quotes were all things her parents said to her as she was growing up! Check out some of my favorite shots from this senior portrait session below:

Are you a 2020 or 2021 graduating senior? I'd love to hear from you!

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