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Post Modern Jukebox Seattle

Do you ever sit back and think about all of the talented and amazing people in your life? I catch myself thinking about it often because I'm blessed with friends who do some really incredible things! I met Therese Curatolo while working at Frends Beauty Supply in North Hollywood (check them out here!) and shot with her often when I was living in LA. While she's very successful in the realm of cosmetics, her true talents lie in her voice. It was no surprise to me when she landed a role on Post Modern Jukebox, a group that performs modern pop songs with a vintage twist. It was however a surprise when she let me know that the tour was making a stop in Seattle and that she got me a photo pass!

The performance was at the Paramount Theater which really lent to the old style vibes. I took photos from the 3rd row center isle (thanks for the seats, Therese!) and from the stage left staircase and used a 70-200mm lens to really get in on the action. I don't shoot live performances very often but I always enjoy doing so when the stage is well lit. Stage lighting is usually pretty dramatic in nature so it's a fun opportunity for some more artistic images. This was however my first time shooting singers which was an exciting new challenge!

If you haven't heard of or seen Post Modern Jukebox, I highly recommend you check them out. It was such an incredible performance and there were so many immensely talented people sharing the stage. Zozzie (Therese) was my personal favorite but I'm a litttttle biased. I've missed Therese so much since I moved back home to Seattle so I was so happy that I got the chance to see her! Follow her on Instagram and Facebook and go see Post Modern Jukebox next time they come your way!

Scroll down to check out my photos from Post Modern Jukebox's 2019 Seattle performance ⬇️