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Beauty Blender what?

You’ve seen them- they’re pink, squishy, and all the rage in today’s world of beauty, but what is a Beauty Blender and how the heck do you use it?

The iconic and reusable egg shaped sponge was created by makeup guru Rea Ann Silva to meet artists’ ever growing need for a completely edgeless applicator. This groundbreaking design allows for a perfectly streak free finish but the shape isn’t the only thing that makes this mighty sponge so special- the material is pretty amazing too! It’s both latex free (yay!) and recyclable (yay Earth!). The open cell matrix design of the material holds enough water to fill the sponge without it feeling wet. This allows product to sit on top of the sponge rather than be absorbed into it. Nobody likes to waste their expensive products.

Beauty Blender’s patented “Wet. Squeeze. Bounce.” approach is all you need to know when using this awesome tool. Simply run the sponge under water and squeeze until saturated completely. Next, squeeze the blender to remove all excess water (sometimes I roll mine on a towel) and then bounce (don’t rub) the sponge against the skin to apply product and blend your makeup! Super easy!

Makeup isn’t all that Beauty Blenders can be used for, either. They're great for facial cleansers, lotions, and serums! The company also makes a large sponge great for applying and blending self tanner and shimmer lotions on the body. For precision applications around the eyes, the Blender is a tiny version of the original Beauty Blender. They’ve also come out with a product called “Blotterazzi” which is a reusable oil blotter made from the same spongy material and pressed into a flat shape. The Blotterazzi sponge is different in that it is intended to be used dry instead of damp.

In short, Beauty Blender has a myriad of products that have changed the way I apply makeup and I’d recommend any other makeup artist or enthusiast to at least give them a try! The original Beauty Blender is $20 and will last up to 3 months of daily use according to their website! Happy blending!

Check out the full list of their products here!

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