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Natalie Gilmore In Studio

By Seattle Dance and Portrait Photographer, Dakota Elizabeth, LLC

Natalie Gilmore is GOALS. A Seattle native, she grew up training at the same dance studios that I did and moved to LA shortly after graduating to pursue her dance career. She would often come back to teach master classes and workshops while I was growing up and I always loved her attitude and style. So when I found out she'd be back home for the holidays in between stops on Justin Timberlake's Man of the Woods tour (her second tour with him btw, no big deal), I knew we had to schedule a session!

Being December in Seattle, the weather was gloomy so we decided to take things indoors to my new studio space. Natalie brought some amazing wardrobe options that ranged from fashionably low key to straight up sexy (hellooo giant puffy jacket!). We talked about the book she just published, Night Writes by Nat (check it out here!) and all of the other exciting things she's had going on.

Natalie is a natural in front of the camera but when she expressed that she wasn't always sure what to do as far as posing, I asked her to improv! As a photographer I always want to make sure my model feels confident in their skin, and I know dancers are most at home when they're dancing. Improv is so personal and so different for everyone, I really love the uniqueness it brings to each shot.

I hope you enjoy this moody set as much as we do, let us know your favorite shot or outfit in the comments below!

By Seattle Dance and Portrait Photographer, Dakota Elizabeth, LLC

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