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Everyone, I’d like to introduce Erika Quan. She’s absolutely gorgeous and she’s an INCREDIBLE dancer! (She’s also like, the nicest person on the planet). Read below to learn more about this session!

Like most dancers in the Seattle area, Erika needed professional photos to showcase her abilities as a professional performer and choreographer. I was absolutely thrilled when she reached out for photos because I had heard so many great things about her but had never had the chance to meet her in person! Turns out all the hype was completely merited, I mean, look at her photos!

We shot this session closer to midday which can make finding flattering lighting challenging. When shooting at this time, I do my best to look for lightly shaded areas that will reduce harsh shadows. Because we shot in in the cityscape of downtown Seattle, I also looked for adjacent buildings that could act as natural reflectors. Using these techniques, I was able to find some really flattering lighting for Erika’s session.

When posing dancers for photoshoots, I often have them start by improvising a few phrases. This gives me a better understanding of their preferred type of movement so we can create poses that suite their abilities and personalities. Erika brought some incredible energy and it really showed through in her improv. I’m really happy with how these images turned out and think we were able to perfectly capture her personality!

This session was shot on a Canon R5 using a Canon 70-200mm f2.8 IS II and a Canon 24-70mm f.2.8 lens using natural light and a reflector when needed for fill. All images were processed in Adobe Lightroom and retouched in Adobe Photoshop using a Wacom tablet.

Thank you for reading!

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